Laser-in-chair teeth whitening

Laser-In-Chair Teeth Whitening

At Aryalis Smile & Beauty Clinic we use a product manufactured by Zoom (philips) for our Laser or In-chair teeth whitening procedure

The procedure involves the following steps:

Step 1: This procedure starts with good preparation to protect your eyes, gums, lips and area around your mouth leaving only your teeth exposed to the high concentration gel and laser light.

Step 2: The cosmetic dentist then applies the whitening product to your teeth

Step 3: A laser whitening light specifically designed to work the whitening product is shone onto your teeth. The laser whitening light and whitening product combine to penetrate your teeth, breaking up stains and discolouration to produce whiter looking teeth.

Step 4: Everything is removed and cleaned from around your teeth and mouth

Advantages of Laser tooth Whitening at Clarendons:
+ Very Quick
+ Entire procedure is carried out by a dentist so very safe
+ Dentist helps select the most appropriate product & concentration
+ Access to your dentist before, during and after treatment
+ Before and after shade taking to asses success
+ Before and after photographs for your records

Teeth whitening conducted by an experienced cosmetic dentist is very safe. However we strongly advise patients to avoid attempting teeth whitening themselves by purchasing products over the internet or at salons trying to do a dentists job.

Teeth whitening in the hands of anyone other than an experienced cosmetic dentist:
– Usually cheaper
– Whitening may not be appropriate at all
– Can make your smile look worse
– Can permanently damage teeth
– Can burn gums, lips or worse!
– Limited experience of operator can lead to the incorrect whitening type being selected
– No way of knowing for sure what is in the product being used
– Don’t have the support of a dentist